After Two Weeks

Yesterday was the two-week mark since I arrived in Tokyo, which means that I am already a quarter of the way through my stay this summer. I am going to miss it when I leave, and I will want to quickly return.

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In Japan, folks who wish each other well don’t say “good luck,” they say “ganbatte kudasai”– please try hard. Personally, hearing that, compared to the English alternative, is more motivating. With “good luck,” you are a passive character in a play where good fortune arbitrarily chooses people to visit, often temporarily. But with “ganbatte kudasai,” […]

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Recharge Required

At end of Day 3 in Tokyo, I have to admit that, for the moment, I was running on fumes. After the day’s adventure in Meguro, both my eyelids and my tongue suddenly came to feel like lead, and my communication skills all but left me. This morning, however, I am excited for my first […]

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Becoming Oriented

Today, I met the people who I will end up knowing very well by the end of the summer: classmates, professors, Japanese “buddies” and host family. More than that, today was the first day when “eigo de hanasu no wa dame da yo,” that is to say, speaking English is BAD. 

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Traveling to Tokyo

The day has finally come, and I’ve made it over 10,000 kilometers to the other side of the world. The most surprising part about travelling to Tokyo, at least for me who has never traveled internationally, was watching my surroundings go from intimately familiar to incredibly foreign. Read More

Creating this blog

Hello, world! Clay here. It is currently a few weeks before spring break, and I have gotten my Light Fellowship and been admitted to Sun Academy! I’ve decided in lieu of the fellowship reporting requirements

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