Creating this blog

Hello, world! Clay here. It is currently a few weeks before spring break, and I have gotten my Light Fellowship and been admitted to Sun Academy! I’ve decided in lieu of the fellowship reporting requirements that I’d rather create a blog with which I can keep up regularly, rather than submitting a final report at the end of the summer. I figure that I would find some pleasure in interacting with the English language occasionally while abroad, since there is a pledge that I not speak my native tongue during the 8 weeks I am in Tokyo. I also figure that my fan club back stateside would appreciate periodic updates. Win-win.

Goals for this blog are:

Keep up. While I am abroad, this means that I should be posting at least twice a week, with two pics a week as well.

Interact with every audience. I would like this site to keep my friends, family, and benefactors at the Light Fellowship informed and entertained. Perhaps I will send Japanese friends to this site to keep up with my adventures!

Keep it interesting. I hope that sharing my experience with you all will be a good motivation for me to take on extra challenges and expeditions in Tokyo and across Japan.

Provide visuals. I want to have lots of cool pictures, and a few video blogs on this site.

Write in Japanese. Writing practice and providing for the Japanese audience!

I am really looking forward to filling my blog with amazing experiences. Right now, I’ve accepted my place in the Sun Academy and am in the middle of a storm of paperwork; I am waiting on my passport, I need to register my travel with the clinic here, plan my air travel with the Light folks, and figure out all the logistics for this huge next step in my life. It will be my first time out of the country!

For now, the day-to-day is just Yale. I’m keeping up with my Japanese, Japanese History, Economics, and Computer Science classes. I am looking forward to a week of tour in Chicago with the Yale Gospel Choir over spring break. Tertulia, the Latinx band I play bass in, has a few gigs on the horizon. I’m really enjoying myself, and I am hopeful for the future.

Thanks for catching up with me,


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